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Thane Residence

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Step into the enchanting "Thane Residence," where each space unfolds a story of artistic marvels and unique design concepts. The living room sets the tone with a captivating mirror mural ceiling, a masterpiece crafted from the fusion of sun-shaped leather and stainless steel. The residence embraces creativity, featuring a mandir adorned with a burnt paper mural, a testament to artistic collaboration. Our exclusive Mandala chair, a signature piece of furniture, finds its place, elevating the overall aesthetic of the Thane Residence.

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At "Thane Residence," our responsibilities extend beyond conventional design norms. The intricate mirror mural ceiling demands a meticulous blend of leather and stainless steel, creating a visual spectacle. The burnt paper mural in the mandir reflects our commitment to showcasing unique artworks within the living space. The Mandala chair, our bespoke creation, embodies our dedication to providing exclusive and exceptional furniture that seamlessly integrates with the overall design aesthetic.


The conceptual core of "Thane Residence" lies in the intersection of creativity and functionality. The mirror mural ceiling, with its sun-shaped leather and stainless steel components, transforms the living room into an artistic haven. The mandir, adorned with a burnt paper mural, becomes a canvas for artistic expression, showcasing the collaboration with talented creators. Our Mandala chair, strategically placed, becomes a statement piece, harmonizing with the overall design concept, and adding a touch of bespoke elegance to the Thane Residence.

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