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Shah Residence

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Embark on a journey into the "Shah Residence," a realm immersed in the soothing embrace of a total blue light theme. Here, design is not just an aesthetic endeavor but a narrative woven around the love for books, an extraordinary dining experience, and the unique inclusion of a Jain temple within the confines of the house. The Shah Residence encapsulates a harmonious blend of artistic elements and functional considerations, where every detail reflects a passion for literature, spirituality, and distinctive design.

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At the core of our responsibilities for the "Shah Residence" lies the challenge of harmonizing a total blue light theme with the specific preferences of a book-loving client. The integration of an Intererity dining table becomes a focal point, providing a unique and delightful dining experience. Managing the design constraints posed by the inclusion of a Jain temple demands a delicate balance between aesthetics and sacred functionality. 


The extensive collection of books finds a cherished place, shaping the residence into a haven for literary enthusiasts. The Intererity dining table becomes a symbol of conviviality and exquisite design, while the integration of a Jain temple adds a spiritual dimension to the space. Uniquely crafted metal elements and shock absorber mats bring an avant-garde touch, marrying functionality with an aesthetic appeal that echoes throughout the entirety of the Shah Residence.

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