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Lucerne Residence

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Taking inspiration from modern Scandinavian design, it creates an open space that is inviting and uncluttered, the designer has maximized the stunning white interior inside the house. Using different motifs and using white as negative space, we tried to make this a sophisticated interior project.

son_s bedroom

The responsibility of the designer was to portray an elegant playful interior. The mixture of modern and classic elements for the look and feel. The focus was to create a  home with a minimalist design based on the project's desire for transparency, natural light, and minimal use of materials.


This project showcases white as an important feature and created different motifs around the same idea. We tried to use white as a luxurious stunning work. The wooden furniture contrasting the white space created amazing complimentary. Apart from that, the play of lighting and false ceilings made this project one of the designer's favorites

guest room
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