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Jaipur Site

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Step into the vibrant "Jaipur Site," where every corner unfolds a tale of imaginative wonder. A special focus is devoted to the kids' room, a haven of creativity and playfulness. This site marries opulence and innovation, evident in the 18-carat gold-adorned bathroom ceiling and meticulously designed wash basin. Glass bubble sun and tree installations cast a mesmerizing glow, while a center table featuring silver maple leaves stands as a unique testament to the artistry that defines the Jaipur Site.

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At the heart of our responsibilities for the "Jaipur Site" lies the creation of a captivating kids' room that sparks joy and imagination. The introduction of 18-carat gold in the bathroom ceiling required a delicate balance of luxury and design finesse. Our commitment extended to customizing wash basins and intricate details, showcasing our dedication to providing a complete and cohesive design experience. The artistic endeavor of crafting sun and tree from glass bubbles and the uniqueness of the silver maple leaves on the center table added a layer of complexity that we embraced with passion and precision.


The conceptual essence of the "Jaipur Site" revolves around the celebration of opulence and creativity. The kids' room becomes a canvas for whimsical design, fostering an environment that nurtures youthful imagination. The 18-carat gold bathroom ceiling and bespoke wash basin designs elevate the luxury quotient, while the glass bubble sun and tree installations infuse an ethereal charm. The center table, adorned with silver maple leaves, stands as a symbol of uniqueness, harmonizing diverse elements into a cohesive and visually striking masterpiece within the Jaipur Site.

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