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Andheri East

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This inspiring project involved the complete interior design and furnishing of a temple located in Andheri East. The client, envisioned a space that combined traditional elements with modern design sensibilities, fostering a sense of serenity and devotion. The design brief aimed to achieve a balance between respecting the sacredness of the space and incorporating unique, contemporary touches.

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From concept development and meticulous sourcing to seamless project management and collaborative communication, Pooja Khandelwal played a leading role in crafting this temple's unique interior. Her dedication to translating the client's vision into reality, ensuring quality at every step, and orchestrating the expertise of various collaborators resulted in the stunning fusion of tradition and modern design witnessed here today.


The chosen theme, "Gayatri Mantra," served as the guiding light for the project. Each design element subtly referenced the powerful verses of this sacred hymn, creating a sense of unity and spiritual significance. Light played a crucial role, with carefully chosen fixtures mimicking the celestial glow and enhancing the atmosphere. Custom-designed chairs, inspired by the mantra's verses, added a touch of modern artistry while remaining respectful of the space's purpose. Every detail, from the color palette to the material selection, was meticulously chosen to create a harmonious and uplifting environment.

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